Peter Pan: 1924 silent film

The photo at left shows Bob preparing to play for the 1924 silent movie Peter Pan at a theatre in Olympia, Washington. Bob had watched the movie at home and composed his own music for it. 

Bob has accompanied this film many times since the initial performance. 

Peter Pan (1924) went into the public domain in 2020. Therefore we were free to put together a segment of still photos (known as "stills") taken from the film. We used an orchestrated version of Bob's Tinker Bell theme and overlaid it with the stills. Be advised that trying to capture a still from a film that's 100 years old isn't easy. Some of the stills are blurry because it requires having a copy of the actual film to obtain copies of individual frames. Our objective here is to present a segment of the music Bob wrote along with some scenes from the film.

We are working on obtaining some clearer photos to replace the blurry ones. 

Betty Bronson starred as Peter Pan in the 1924 film. Although other famous actresses of the time were considered, the unknown Betty was so nimble, lithe, and fairy-like that she was selected without question over the others.