Please Don't Forget Me, Tennessee

"Please Don't Forget Me, Tennessee" is, as quoted by Governor Bill Haslam, "the most beautiful song about Tennessee I've ever heard." 

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This is the only recording in which Bob ever sang anything. The recording was created at the request of the University of the South (Sewanee, TN) after they heard Bob perform it in a concert. 

At the conclusion of the performance the crowd came to its feet chanting "State Song! State Song!" 

included in this crowd was the governor, two state senators, and other members of the state legislature. 

"Tennessee," as it's come to be known, is the only piece on this recording.  

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Please Don't Forget Me, Tennessee.mp4

This video was created from the recording. Photographers from all over Tennessee volunteered their work to be included in this production. 

Historical note:

Bob "heard this song in his head" after driving through Tennessee on a piano tour.  The music and lyrics came to him at the same time. He asked his wife what it was and she didn't know. Finally she said, "If you don't know and I don't know then it must be another one that you wrote..."

Turned out it was. 

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Photo Gallery from the original performance of "Please Don't Forget Me, Tennessee."

The University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee

Governor Bill Haslam and former state senator and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist loved the performance. 

Bob introducing song before initial performance. 

Nashville great Darryl Worley (white shirt behind piano) joins Bob for the initial performance of "Tennessee."

Bob and musicians brought in from Nashville play "Please Don't Forget Me, Tennessee" to a packed house. Sewanee, TN  2017

See the band performance video below. 

The University has been here for a while. It was totally rebuilt after being destroyed in 1863.

The Guerry Auditorium,  University of the South, site of the initial performance of "Please Don't Forget Me, Tennessee."