Brain Study

Between 2009 - 2013 Bob became the subject of a scientific study. Researchers at the Penn State University Hospital Neurology Dept. started hearing stories about a guy who could do "unbelievable things" on a piano. Led by Dr. Kerstin Bettermann, Bob agreed to a series of brain studies. What they learned was that Bob had an ability to do something that had never before been done in all of history: he could accurately listen to four symphonic pieces at the same time in his head, and he proved it in what is likely the most fiendishly difficult memory tests ever performed on anyone. 

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Brain Studies 4

Radiolab Podcast

The Radiolab Podcast came out in July of 2011 and still running to this date, making it one of the longest running podcasts in Radiolab history. It has been broadcast around the world for over 13 years and heard by tens of millions of people at the time of this writing. 

Radiolab sent reporter Jessica Benko to Bob's house to interview him  for an entire day. Then she traveled 600 miles east the Hershey, PA, to interview Kerstin. The result was this podcast. 

Click anywhere in the picture to hear the podcast. 

Kerstin Interview at Richmond Academy of Medicine

Following a presentation to 250 psychiatrists of her test results at the Richmond (Virginia) Academy on Medicine, Kerstin was interviewed on  film.  

Hear Bob answer a few questions in here, too.