A Message from Bob

Greetings Everyone

My website has become bigger than I expected. This is because I decided, now that I'm retired from being on the road all the time, that I would create a place to make my CDs & recordings available for everyone. But as I got into it I realized there was so much music (such as concertos, operas, songs, books, and more) that I'd written over the years that they should be included as well. Otherwise they would disappear with time and no one would ever know. So I keep adding yet another page about yet another something-or-other that we found in our house yesterday, and as we continue to find more. 

So I hope you'll forgive me for making such a huge site (it's going to get bigger), and that you'll stroll through the pages and just look at it all. I'm not expecting you to buy something on every turn of the page, but rather hope that you'll see the long journey that was my career for sixty years. This site seems to be becoming my autobiography. There's pages (not completed yet) of photo tours around the country and the world. There's a page about when I was interviewed at the Library of Congress, an honor that I can hardly believe was bestowed on me. There's a page about when I was given an honorary doctorate for "lifetime achievement in the field of music,"  which again I can hardly believe. If these pages aren't up now they will be soon. 

Now I have to get back to work on this. Today I'm trying to learn how to edit film/sound clips. All I can say is...

Playing the piano is a lot easier than creating a website. 

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!